Lesson 5: Using Javascript to Hide and Show Content Overview. The intentional simplicity of the XML file is to help clarify using JavaScript with XML and does not represent a sophisticated example of storing data in XML format. By using File API, web developers can access local files on the client machine in a secure way without the need for extensions or plugins. In This tutorial we will Convert the URL text into a HTML clickable links using JavaScript.For eg; When you post comments in tutorials and your comment contains some link of a website many times the link is post in a simple text format not in a clickable HTML link format and due to this other users will ignore your link.So in this tutorial we will solve this problem. HTML TextArea automatically scroll to bottom when the page loads using JavaScript. By default, its display value is block. Replacing HTML Content using JavaScript by@christophergroce. So to make the things work, open "javascript.js" with any text editor and you'll need to create:. Reading and copying selected text to clipboard using JavaScript. i want to create a form that retrieve the data from the MySQL database to display in the form to be easier in updating the data to the database (such as textbox, or textarea). I am using javascript in a html page as a localhost with IE. how to display the user's comment in the text as a html using javascript herrera128 I am trying to create a comment page that displays a text box for the user to enter their comment and display it at a html … To see how to pull data from an XML file, all examples use the following XML file. I try to use textarea but it didn’t show the data. Finding Children. This content, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL) Top Experts: ... How to highlight the searched and replaced text in textarea using javascript? Styling HTML forms provides some useful tips on styling