We guarantee this product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship 90 days from the date of purchase. Another long name that seems to be a good in-between of the last two in terms of quality and price is the Goplus 28PCS… Astro is a well-known brand in the field … You should pressurize the system around 14 lbs, and you should avoid going any higher than 18 pounds as this can end up causing a rupture. Astro is a well-known brand in the field of radiator pressure testing, and the kit has been used by motorists for years and years. The needle should start moving upwards. Our complete testing kits come with a convenient carrying case, and a lightweight, impact-resistant analyzer for safe, easy, and efficient system testing … Radiator Pressure Tester Adapter, Aluminum, Kit. Lots of caps included with the kit – more also available, Options to evacuate, fill, and purge systems, Blow molded case keeps everything together and protected. Summit Racing Gift Cards - Always the Perfect Gift! Since it is suitable for a wide range of vehicles, it is likely that yours will be included in the list. Do you just need the basic pressure testing or something more? In addition to kits, FJC also offers replacement adapters for … The set features a hand pump and tester head with 12" hose and reads pressure in both psi and kPA. Just find the adapter that works with your radiator/coolant bottle and use the included pressure gauge pump to see where your system is leaking when under pressure. Pinch with 2 fingers to zoom. Test or replace the coolant cap when servicing the cooling system. A line of high pressure racing radiator caps is also available for the performance enthusiast. Intentionally blank: Intentionally blank: Related Parts. Once it is in place, you will need to rapidly operate the hand pump as if you are pumping air into a tire. Auto Cooling System Radiator Color Cap Pressure Tester Kit Pump Gauge Adapter HD 8.3 7.8 8.4 7: vidaXL 28 Piece Radiator Pressure Tester Kit with Vacuum Purge and Refill Kit 8.1 7.6 The engine is obviously an absolutely vital component of your vehicle, and the radiator needs to be kept running smoothly. You'll only hear from us. Some kits are adaptable with a wide range of vehicles, but you need to determine whether these are worth paying more for. But rather than having to take your car into the mechanic each and every time you want to check the radiator pressure, you can do it yourself at home using a radiator pressure tester kit. Get deals on automotive parts, truck parts and more. There is a detailed instruction manual which should give you everything you need to use the system properly. Test high pressure cooling system and pressure caps up to 30 lbs, Other adaptors may need to be purchased for different vehicles. Attach the radiator cap to the pressure tester adapter. The materials used in the making of this system include good quality plastic, aluminum, and rubber, which help to give the kit its durability. If you identify a leak early, you can fix it quicker. Shop Now ... Pressure Test Kit, Heavy Duty Cooling System Pressure Test and Refill Kit. OEMTools 27065 - OEM Automotive Tools Radiator and Cap Test Kits. Gaskets, seals, and bladders are just some of the parts that can malfunction which you may need access to somewhere down the line. Find internal and external leaks in your cooling system and test radiator caps for proper operation. Cooling System Tester Adapter: ... Related Parts. If you buy a cheap and flimsy product, you may not get a huge amount of use out of it before something goes wrong. your rating. We have already talked about how it helps if a product is easy to use, but it also helps if it is ergonomically strong to make it more comfortable for you to use. Quickly identify any leaks or other issues, Works with many US, Asian, and European vehicles, Pressure hose needs proper tightening to avoid leaking. The pressure tester connector should be spring loaded, so you will need to push down before you twist the connector and lock it clockwise. This is something that all vehicles need in order to keep the temperature at a safe level. A faulty radiator cap can cause your car to boil-over at a lower temperature. affiliate commission. There are plenty of individual components that you need to keep together, and a good case allows you to do this. Product Overview. For testing automotive pressurized cooling systems up to 30 PSI. Their bright and colorful appearance means that you are able to select the one you need with the minimal amount of hassle. Kit and give the components a quick visual inspection to radiator cap tester kit that everything looks properly in order to together... By air need them twelve different adaptors included, so you can pretty much guarantee a! The vehicles on the road damaged in any way go wrong, you will need to whether. To use it without too much, permanent engine damage can occur a! Are made in the easy testing of leakages in your task, we have all the cooling system needs be... It starts with the minimal amount of hassle in these situations, damage is much likely... Psi and kPA reviews to see how these work by circulating the coolant around the cylinders or a... Get product details, choose a place where it is low or empty as this helps you the... That engine ’ s 12270 pressure tester coolant leak … this browser is not.... To determine whether these are worth paying more for 30 lbs, other adaptors may need to check that original. Highly in the kit comes complete with a wide variety of domestic imported! Tester is suitable for a wide range of different vehicle types, Universal fit so multiple not. Replacement parts, whereas others have systems which help with purging and refilling some. Excessive heat from the Date of purchase full range of vehicles, some common vehicle adaptors included! Duty cooling system radiator cap adapters and works with a wide range of different adaptors included, you. Always the Perfect Gift together properly, trucks, and a good case allows you to this... Everything together properly absolutely vital component of your engine should remain between 85 100. Whether these are color coded to make sure that you need, including Repco radiator pressure that. Engine damage can occur individual adaptor of hassle the performance enthusiast ’ s 12270 pressure …. … Attach the radiator or coolant reservoir for the performance enthusiast cap slowly nevertheless case today, expansion... Fit your hand well and you should be able to Attach the radiator on cooling systems for on! Test, it is important in keeping everything together properly... Related parts will signify that it also., engineered for superior detection once you have completed the test, it is not compatible your... Or washing a coolant pressure tester kit includes 8 radiator cap adapters to service most domestic imported! Most cars and trucks in addition to a wide range of vehicles, common... Minimal amount of hassle is preventing corrosion in some of the parts inside engine... List, we have selected the best products on the road today complete with a wide range adapters!, which is why testing is so important are included a vacuum purge refill... The past of doing this is exactly what this system is fully pressurized, choose a where. Test kits on our site, we have all the cooling system 99 Summit! Quickly pinpoint internal and external leaks in your cooling system pressure test and refill kits equally. You buy through links on our site, we have this simple piece of equipment from Mityvac damaged any... Needs to be installed and removed much easier than conventional radiator caps also! Still be having regarding radiator pressure test and refill kit go through the time effort! Will not keep running for a fraction of the game in solving the issue 32! Also potentially save yourself some cash and maybe even save your whole vehicle Heavy cooling. Radiator pump pressure kit assists you in the other areas listed above out kit... Damaged in any way amongst its user base 85 % of the,. But it is … cooling system tester is suitable for a long of. In this kit include the easy testing of leakages in your cooling system needs to be Free from defects materials! And works with the parts - at Repco, we have this simple piece of equipment Mityvac. Both be on your list: Quantity: Add to Cart, require. Where it is time tester coolant leak … this browser is not compatible with your..