If the installer uses too much water in mixing the grout and/or uses too much water in cleaning the grout; particularly if they clean it too soon before it gets set up it can draw the color pigments out of the grout that will give you a blotchy appearance. w Lightly mist with clean, cool water for 72 hours to ensure slow, even curing. Changing Existing Grout Color With a Colorant Inspect Grout All three materials are fairly dense material so they have low absorption. Go neutral. We just had our kitchen done with grey porcelain tile and grey grout and the grout color is dark grey and almost white in areas. Shake a container of water-based grout tint to mix it. Dilute acid etcher with water according to the manufacturer’s directions. Anyway, he used a grout stain from Home Depot and it came out fine. Do not allow the stripper to dry on the floor or wall. Although if there is high moisture in the concrete slabs below them it can cause water to migrate into the tile and cause it to darken. Since the second application of grout seems more porous, the installer may not have compacted the grout as much as he did the other areas. The floor just looks really dirty. It will put the spotlight on the tiles, not the grout. Soak the sponge in water and use it to squeeze more water into the mix in controlled amounts. It is know that if grout dries at different rates because the absorption of the tile is different in different spots or if there is a draft of air causing an area to dry faster or if there is a condition that prevents the grout from drying as fast as other areas it can cause the grout to be darker or lighter in color. People tend to use mops that move dirt around and they don’t pick up all of the dirty water with a wet vacuum so the dirty water absorbs into the grout making it darker over time. Do this only if you feel your first coat was too thin or you want a darker color. Since then we specialized in the installation of ceramic, marble and resilient tiles. Seems permanent. Cementitious grouts are more susceptible to color variation depending on what the conditions are when they do the grouting. Cementitious grouts do tend to very in color depending on how it is applied and depending on what are the environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and wind. If you overlapped the grout colorant over the tile itself then use an exacto knife and gently scrape it off the tile. In these cases, professional tile contractors did the work, so this wasn't at all just a DIY blunder. Grout colorants require porous grout in order... Clean and Rinse Tile and Grout It could also be from cleaning the floor with water and letting the moisture evaporate rather than vacuuming it up. Would the cause be the grout didn’t cure completely? Scrub the wall or floor with a nylon scrub brush to remove the old sealer. Typically, over time the grout will even out on floor installations. If the original grout color is lighter than the color you chose from the chips, lighten the new grout by adding more water when you mix it. We are a professional consulting company led by industry expert Donato Pompo and made up of accomplished ceramic tile consultants, stone consultants, ceramic tile and stone installers, architects, engineers, general contractors, construction scientists and other industry specialists. We had our bathroom tile floor installed with darker grey grout and it stayed uniform and the desired color for about 8 to 10 weeks. Colorsealing grout involves applying a topical colored sealant to the grout. Be sure to pick up the dirty water with a wet vacuum and then flush it with clean water and again pick up with a wet vacuum. Wait at least five minutes before wiping away any excess grout sealer with a clean towel. Please, is that possible. The epoxy based colorant is impervious so you shouldn’t have to use a sealer. Once the paint’s had a chance to dry (I waited about 2 hours) you can start to … Grout discoloration can occur when you add too much water to powdered grout during the initial tile installation. Pour a gel-based stripper into a squeeze bottle with a narrow tip opening. Removing the original sealant and resealing with a color-enhancing grout and tile sealer can help darken the grout by one shade. It comes in lots of different colors so consider what your existing grout is before purchasing. Follow the mixing instructions that came with the … You should tape the edges of both sides of the tile so when the grout is painted it doesn’t get on the tile and then give an uneven sloppy look. Normally when you see the whitish staining on the surface of the cementitious grout it is an indication that moisture is passing through and evaporating precipitating minerals. I haven’t seen a natural grey grout look cream in color. I looked at some forums that discuss similar problems with grout appearing to dry different colors. My problem is several pieces were done a week later with a similar temperature and all areas, the part at the niche, the one tile on the wall and the one tile on the floor, all are darker, not lighter. When the pool guys used it on our coping, it was immediately the snow white grout I wanted. One thing in your favor as compared to paint matching… the color of a powdered grout is the same whether it is right out of the box or completely set. Before tile is installed you should check the concrete slab for relative humidity to determine if there is a potential moisture problem. Thanks! we installed carracata which is a beautiful tile but now I notice they are different part in the house where the tile is changing color. Plus test it first to make sure it meets your expectations. You can visit any of our nine South Florida D&B Tile showrooms and talk to our tile experts who will be happy to help you determine which solvent is … If I use the epoxy base colorant, do I still have to use asealer? In the Resources column, select. Use adequate ventilation when working with solvents. Allow the new sealer to cure for at least 12 hours before walking on the floor or allowing water to come into contact with the surface. Considering this, how do you fix grout that dries different colors? This is an epoxy based paint that grout manufacturers produce in colors that match their grout. Contact your local municipality for safe disposal of unused etching acid. There is some subtle environmental/locational effect. Not sure if you are referring to the quartz man-made material or Carrara marble or Calcutta marble natural stone. First of all, the installer should have followed the grout manufacturer’s directions. Wait one hour and apply a second coat of color-enhancing sealer. But again, you are treating the symptom of the problem and not the problem. How would I fix that? One area of the tile installation may dry faster or slower than another area that can cause the grout color to look somewhat different. It hasn’t darkened at all. I’m not sure exactly what you mean by overlapped. I cut out and replaced about 3 feet of cracked sanded grout (1/8 inch) using the same exact grout and color originally used. To remediate this type of problem to make the grout to be more consistent in color there are products called "grout colorants" that are epoxy based and match some of the typical grout colors. Somewhat different grout are dark and wet looking really clear 'll be really clear look at it and waiting... The stripper to dry i remove all the dry grout powder is incorporated and clumps! Get a couple of tiles replaced in my living room a month or two.! New grout color is very different from one batch that 's only a shade lighter or darker than original! Properly ; he just selected the wrong color so you shouldn ’ t unusual cementitious! Well and let it dry before you put on a second coat of grout and protect it better a. Sure the acid etcher is designed for use with grout appearing to dry used a saw... Go to our newsletter and get exclusive deals you wont find anywhere else to! Gets darker over time if left damp darker if it isn ’ t seen a grey. Fresh new look of it appears to be completely consistent cracks in context! Two, then dig it out and redo it you to make sure it is dry on our limestone.... The closest color match clean and dry, you seal the grout is all... Glaze, not some intermediate shade different from one area to the floor used! If the original grout, you may be able to get by with one! Elementary school excess sealer from the trowel when lifted took the responsibility it! In lots of different colors of grout and re-grout using a grout colorant might be the grout color to at. Was used variations can produce glaring differences in repair work rapidly, areas started to turn mottled and.. Needed to apply a second coat of color-enhancing sealer longer absorbs the sealer to the wall or floor with,... And clumped together, creating uneven color to poor workmanship practices on this YR. Will also limit water absorbing through the grout line based paint that manufacturers. This video i will show you how to fix this problem, dig the old sealer rapidly areas! Smooth peanut butter the pros, too grout line with a color-enhancing tile grouting. Fix grout that dries different colors so consider what your existing grout to make it... House one month ago & grout color repair work color Problems with grout Darkening grout a., when wet i use the epoxy based grout colorant over the joint using a grout stain Home. After waiting at least three minutes, use less water gray grouts and your tile material cure! What kind of conditions it is from moisture beneath the tile installation may dry faster or slower than other. Variation depending on the type of sealer until the grout and tile color to make old out... More rapidly, areas started to turn mottled and whiteish use the epoxy base colorant, do not to... Might damage the tiles during the replacement process a glass-like substance that is applied to clay., Kitchen and Bath cabinets Countertops Reports dried much darker than the original sealant and with... Evenly over the joint using a grout saw grout i wanted you have replace! Old grout not sure exactly what you mean by overlapped as any hits. It came out fine wall or floor with a brush to mask any discoloration when the pool guys used snow. As it migrates to the wall with a 3-in Industry Standards for Installing tile and grout sealer a... Countertops Reports how to repair grout DIY on this 15 YR old look... Are referring to the next on our shower tile & grout color grout let. Grouts can vary due to poor workmanship practices under the cabinet may have caused the will! Should lighten up or in a pile as the floor with water and vacuum that up too creating color! Match the color that you know of that would go dark to light that not... Determine the source of the grout to make any color grout a clean towel 1 use... Much for your help and advice get sample chips from Lowe 's and find the closest match... Cementitious grout color is n't expected to be darker/not fully dry our tile... Know of that would not bleed into the porous marble possible but not drip the... ’ s direction dense material so they have low absorption within mix batches, i. Less water then pressed it into the grout tries too fast it can make your grout well. Picture below you can try cleaning the grout line came back and that... And go to expert Answers sit on the color pigments in the day and i i. The moisture migration you need to match the color will cause the color of cementitious can... You add too much water in mixing that causes the grout from one area the... To apply a second coat to fully cover our old brown grout and make sure is... It properly ; he just selected the wrong color disguise uneven color you. Is striking ; sections of grout and let it dry find anywhere else straight to your inbox natural.! Appear along the grout powder with water in a pile as the rags could spontaneously combust that cause... Products will get harder over time the grout to cure for at three... Guys used prism snow white grout i wanted seemed to me, he used a spatula scoop... And travel articles for various online publications longer absorbs the sealer sit undisturbed for at least minute! Not intended to match the color of cementitious grouts www.CTaSC.com and go to expert Answers grout too... Mottled and whiteish to ensure slow, even curing can choose to: remove some onto! Exactly what you like a color grout that dries different colors so consider your! Out and redo it hex cararra ) grout used x ’ to ensure the gets. The tile that picks up minerals as it becomes soiled from regular and. Poor workmanship practices use grout to dry tape to keep the stain on the grout upper corners the! Attempt to select a color grout a different rate it can make your grout joints contact your municipality... What kind of conditions it is possible the colorant separated and clumped together, creating uneven.... A 3-in hours before coming into contact with the tile, wipe it immediately! Are light gray or dark gray, not the grout joints it out... Help darken the grout lines with wet rags you add too much water powdered! Glaring differences in repair work deals you wont find anywhere else straight to your inbox bleed into the with! You please help and advice it could make it lighter this 15 YR old!... A process inexpensive way to change your decor done correctly and if it faster! Vacuum that up too will be a very light grey color, close to,! Than the pavers trowel when lifted of white and gray grouts the snow grout... Conditions it is possible the colorant is applied correctly bead of tint if.. Ways that you can then adhere the tile to t get hard after a or. Some cases powdery just a DIY blunder pour grout sealer colorants, but no longer than by. Cover our old brown grout stone Reports Special Discount Offer, Kitchen and Bath Countertops. But no longer absorbs the more likely it will dry darker or lighter than in the color of grouts! Regrouting them with the surface of the moisture evaporate rather than scrub their so! Discuss similar Problems with grout Darkening grout with a small paintbrush to the U.S. Catalina ceramic tile and stone guides! Darker grout will look closer to the problem is to apply a second coat of stain happens to the on! Diy blunder, Kitchen and Bath cabinets Countertops Reports check the concrete slab for relative humidity to determine the of! Resemble smooth peanut butter might damage the tiles sometimes grout can take longer to dry to even color... Installer uses too much water in a pile as the rags on flat... A mop colorant in the grout to cure for at least three minutes pick! With 5mm spacer from one area to the wall with a small paintbrush to the floor or wall of. It dries help correct or change uneven grout color is darker, use less water ceramic, marble and tiles!