Fun Movie. Longest Hair On Teen, Shortest Woman Alive: Indians In 80 Guinness World Records The book, "Guinness World Records 2020", lists thousands of new record … She started growing her hair in 1973, when she was just 13 years old. A 17-year-old Indian girl has retained her crown as the teen with the world's longest hair more than a decade after she stopping getting her tresses cut following a bad experience at a salon. In the Guinness history record, Xie Quiping has outmatched world’s longest hair record that used to be titled to Tran Van Hay. Nilanshi Patel Holds The Guinness World Record For Longest Hair In The World - इस लड़की ने 11 साल से नहीं कटवाए हैं अपने बाल, गिनीज वर्ल्ड रिकॉर्ड में दर्ज है नाम - Amar Ujala Hindi News Live Do you want to set a world record? She started growing her hair in 1973, when she was just 13 years old. Hockenheim (Germany): The Porsche Taycan EV has set a new Guinness World Record for the longest continuous drift in an electric car on November 24. Playing next. Shewali Tiwari Updated on Oct 27, 2017, 14:03 IST. Congratulations Nilanshi you are Officially Amazing. Nilanshi Patel, 17, who has been awarded the 2019 Guinness World Record for the longest hair in the teenager category, 190 cm, poses for a picture with her mother Kaminibenat at Modasa town, some 110 kilometres from Ahmedabad, India, on January 19, 2020. New Guinness World Record for longest scarf knitted while running a marathon. Trending. Porsche set a Guinness record for the longest consecutive drift in an electric car, traveling just over 26 miles while sideways. The length of Abril Lorenzatti’s hair is 1.52 meters (nearly 5ft). Born in 1969, Phiri has had this incredibly long hair right from her young days. Maribel Mansfield. ', Adoptable Dogs Adorably Pick Out Their Own Christmas Present From Lines of Donated Toys on the Floor, Drowsy Cat Flaunts a Big White Furry Belly While Rocking Back and Forth In an Electric Baby Cradle, Wonderfully Calming Slow Motion Footage of Birds Eating From a Photographer's Outstretched Hand. Biggest Afro Hair In The World - Guinness World Record. He never cut his hair for 42 years and his hair was not as silky and beautiful as Xie’s hair. Maribel Mansfield. A 16-year-old has broken the world record for having the longest hair in the world, has learnt. Uh I like to grow my hair and it's a hobby for the hair is not a problem but it is a beauty of woman I want to keep growing it but I … Browse more videos. A Texas teen has won the Guinness World Record for having the longest legs, her left leg being 53.255 inches long, and her right 52.874 inches long. Tensions escalate along their common border. The following year, Nilanshi’s hair had grown into 6 feet and 2 inches longer. Back in 2018, Nilashi had also set a record with 170.5-centimeter long hair. Shooting at a 6.25 inch target, the pellet Guinness World Records made me use has an approximate ballistic coefficient (BC) of 0.014 which basically means that for my final 150 yard Guinness World Record longest air rifle shot, the pellet had over 12 feet of drop. Perhaps Porsche can … New Delhi : An Indian girl has bagged the Guinness World Record for longest hair on a teenager. "I do what every teenager does. The Guinness World Records have officially certified Brooklynite, Simone Williams’s afro as the biggest in the world. The 32-year-old Brooklyn fashion designer has just broken the Guinness World Record … Follow. Latest human body stories . A 17-year-old Argentine, nicknamed ‘Rapunzel,’ has been crowned the world record holder for the longest hair for a teenager by Guinness World Records. longest hair in the world male It is widely known that the human hair is only able to grow up to one meter or one and a half meters in length.Although, sometimes there are some exceptions.Tran Van Hay is an example which proves that there is no limit about the growth of hair. The car … But Hay appeared in so much limelight in his 70’s because of his jaw-dropping long hair locks. Nilanshi’s hair was 5 feet, 6 inches long in December 2018, at the age of 16 years old. By Aynslee Darmon. PHOTO | SAM PANTHAKY | AFP African economies were severely hit by the crisis. 22 Dec 2020 4:52 PM Powered by Laughing Squid Hosting and WordPress VIPNewsletter | Affiliate Disclosure | Privacy Policy© 1995-2020 Laughing Squid LLC, all rights reserved, A post shared by Nilanshi Patel (@nilanshipatel_rapunzel), A Fascinating Timeline That Compares 'Star Wars' With Real World Years That Span From 1952 Through 2019, Boston Dynamics Robots Dancing to 'Do You Love Me? 2:27. Nilanshi Patel last cut her hair when she was six years old and now has the longest hair on a teenager ever. She has won the Guinness World Record for the longest hair twice. How Anya Taylor-Joy Identifies With Her Queen's Gambit Character.