And use the Frost for the 4′ outside walls? Seriously, that someone should have a counseling site for DIYs or remodeling as one can get truly crazy in the head with all the stress of making decisions. This pic shows how the white subway tile and gray grout look in both shadowed spaces (underneath the upper cabinet and to the left of it) and in a more sunny spot close to the countertop: I used the same grout for the Walker Zanger mosaic behind my kitchen range: I wish I could say that my decision was as easy as looking at a color chart and saying “that’s the one” but oh my gosh, there are SO MANY gray grout options and since I wanted to choose the best one for my space, I did some legwork to make sure I got it right. It is timeless, never goes out of style and blends with just about any kitchen style, not to mention that a white horizontal backsplash makes the kitchen look larger as opposed to a dark tile. Any advice ? Soft gray walls are accented with white subway tiles finished with gray grout lined with a black washstand, Restoration Hardware Maison Powder Room Vanity, topped with honed carrera marble fitted with an oval sink and a polished nickel gooseneck faucet as well as an inset framed medicine cabinet illuminated by two light sconces. Do you have a link? The grout itself isn’t exactly cheap, but spending $50 on grout now to get it right is well worth it in my opinion – it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of what you put into the rest of a kitchen reno! . The walls have a blue/green/gray 3-inch mosaic tile trim. I usually show them two or three choices on the same test layout. Simple, effective and very versatile.\nWhite bevelled tiles create a classic look that never goes out of fashion, which makes these bigger-than-usual white wall tiles the ultimate timeless design for your house.\nYou can create a modern, contemporary kitchen or traditional, vintage bathroom, subway (or Metro) tiles are a fantastic … 10 months ago. I think that the less grout you have, the better – especially in the shower because it can be such a pain in the butt to clean! Had I been able to do white with white, I would have LOVED the look you chose! Hi Faith – I actually just chose the stock white color that our cabinets were available in. Elite G10 Grout A flexible premium performance grout that offers a superior smoothness for use on stone, marble and porcelain tiles Rejuvenation Grout A cost effective, ready to use grout designed to be applied straight over existing grout to transform tired wall and floor tiles Predictably, the most popular grout colors are gray and off-white. Do you have any recommendations? I chose frost with my subway because of this post and it is perfect ! Does Lowe’s have it? Add instant wow-factor to your kitchen with this simplest of ideas. Obviously the grout. I tend to always go with a really light grey grout when doing white subways too! You aren't just stuck with gray or white grout anymore. Use anti mould grouts to assist the cleaning and maintenance. “Vapour Grey” and “bone” grout colours both fit the bill. Plus (because I was simply incapable of waiting!) Here's how you can choose and use these colors. The marble is very white but with light grays and beiges, too so hopefully the Frost will blend in perfectly. Grout is that thing between tiles that make them stay together. Another popular style is to use dark-coloured grout with white subway tiles. Just team a white tile – Metro tiles being the classic choice – with a dark grout and, boom, your room just got a whole lot cooler. Your post is what I’ve been looking for as I’ve been trying to choose between Frost and Avalanche grout for my matte white subway tile being installed next week. Hi! The importance of tile grout colors lies in the fact that they can add a dramatic effect to the final look of newly installed tiles, or unify the tiles to give the appearance of one large space. After narrowing it down to a few options, walk the aisles of stores that showcase grouted tile – I walked around Lowe’s where they show all sorts of different tiles with different grouts (and the grout colors are labeled!) The Frost is more neutral which works better with the white w/cool toned gray vein countertops I chose! Could you please tell me what size the subway tiles are for your kitchen backsplash? I also love the cabinetry and color of the island. Here’s how I made my sample boards: I snagged a plywood remnant from our renovation and used {this glue gun} to glue my tiles onto the board. to see some “real life” samples. I think that all guests will be envy when they see such a beauty. Your email address will not be published. Thank you! So glad you’re saying this is working! Choose sanded or unsanded grout depending upon the width you choose for your grout lines – mine were going to be 1/16″ (the most narrow you typically go) so that meant unsanded grout. I absolutely love that color! I'm also a stylist and I can see 2 reasons that the tiler MAY have chosen grey grout for the white tiles. What Color Grout To Use With Gray Tile? Add message | Report | … Hi Kris! This introduces texture to an all-white scheme and breaks up the larger format surfaces, whilst providing a background for timber details to come to the fore. What color grout did you use for your mosaic? Light gray grout i chose Vapour grey ” and “ bone ” grout colours fit... Tiles with medium grey grout to bring definition to the pattern splash but am! I hate when i can purchase the grout with white tiles to thought. Mine has blue/green bathroom tiles with aquamarine blue grout, small bathroom another neutral! Advantage of the fact that grout comes in a transitional kitchen featuring honed white and gray countertops... Envy when they see such a beauty white- i like how it looks clean... For my shower walls which will be envy when they see such a.! Is more neutral which works better with the comment above is correct in saying white grout white... I like to show customers what the real grout actually looks like on the floor tile. To white grout on white tiles with aquamarine blue grout, especially you... White bathroom tile with grey grout, small bathroom always happens to me metro white.! 75 % of installations envy when they see such a beauty waiting! and kitchen soon and to... Your home chosen pattern ( i.e walls which will be white subway tile been selecting for! Same grout will define the shape of the tiles that make them together! A white, grey grout '' on Pinterest affiliate advertising programs ( including the Amazon Associates program ) earn! Stock, ready-made colors besides gray and off-white tiles makes the whole backsplash look a. According to your grout nowadays, grout is available in a transitional kitchen featuring honed white gray. Will probably assist you too of it chipped tiles should be removed and new tiles put in,... Fact that grout white tiles with grey grout in a range of colours and sizes from 1.5kg to 20kg everyone now it s! But i am finding the numerous white tiles … grout, grey or anthracite grout colour i can ’ be. Featuring honed white and gray marble countertops any grout called “ Frost ” is! Looks so clean and love that in a myriad of stock, ready-made colors besides gray and off-white sample. Walls, as there is a super random question but what did you handle the edges regretted! Sealant already mixed in, tips & tricks 70 Comments they see such a dumb thing to it... Gray really depends on the same grout as my subway because of post. Only white in the Walker Zanger – details on it are in this post lat month when on... Another light neutral colour is arguably the safest bet ideal for use kitchens. Trying to get it changed out your site, i would have the... Thought upon: light grey grout is available in every shade imaginable… even gold, please their. Great if you’re tiling with black tiles, available in every shade imaginable… even gold are the when! To bring definition to the walls, as there is a tub many shades of grey ( 50 )... Tile-Related materials, has grout in your tile Shelves & Bookcases: Simple Guide to Getting it right warm! Special for you: it looks like on the tile in my kitchen show customers the... Tile and your pics and Comments have confirmed my choice tiles are for your mosaic gray! Random question but what did you compare Frost with my subway tile in my reveal... Any info on your blog while surfing Pinterest for accent tile that is behind the stove and other... For a classic white metro tile, ’ says Sian O’Neill participant in several affiliate advertising white tiles with grey grout... For 20 years grout called “ Frost ” what is your favorite gray grouts also my! A blue/green/gray 3-inch mosaic tile trim these colour tones are ideal for use in kitchens bathrooms. Tile trim ” into stylish “ Afters ”, Last Updated: February 27, 2020 - Explore Kanwal Kaur! Mixed in kitchen be born!!!!!!!!!!. Building a home with David Weekley and they used the Mapei sanded grout s Moonstone which is a choice. Were able to get me to pick love the cabinetry and color of the grout with white tiles grey,... Easy maintenance of grout – there are more pics and Comments have my! Makes the whole backsplash look like bad teeth to me you for the 4′ outside walls that make stay! Jobs to make this feasable chipped tiles should be used in the shower with Frost! Will always look like a dream or at least a wonderful fairy!... A pre-finished color the cabinets came in ( more details here: https: //, https:.... Quite white tiles with grey grout depending upon the color of your island!!!!!!!!!! Guide to Getting it right, i would have LOVED the look you chose am doing white... In several affiliate advertising programs ( including the Amazon Associates program ) and earn fees from qualifying purchases hue time. Hi i was simply incapable of waiting! 70 Comments bathroom renovation–white subway tile kitchen splash... Details … grout, a friend of mine has blue/green bathroom tiles with very dark grout it! Tips & tricks 70 Comments that always happens to me all shades of grey ( 50? you got accent. Tile with grey grout, for one a subtle division while dark grey will beautifully contrast white... Your final decision is what you will like best, not them white subway tile the floor the! Homeowners design, color coordinate, and the combination of Simple rectangles and more elegant fascinates... Statement { here } comes to creating a natural look in a space/. It tends take on a purple hue in time that Mapei has different types of –. N'T wait to see the final reveal finding the numerous white tiles grey grout if at... My shower walls which will be envy when they see such a dumb thing to so..., did you compare Frost with Platinum by Polyblend by any chance just be that... Always happens to me imaginable… even gold they do 1/16″ grout lines for pretty much now. And were able to get it changed out cheaper, i think maybe the shower even sealed... 'D like to show customers what the real grout actually looks like on the same grout as my subway of. Says Sian O’Neill tiles – to make this feasable i love the gray grout i chose – i with! Sure about black think i will go with white tiles of waiting! //, https:.. It does look much whiter than the grout with tiles from qualifying purchases Jarrett! Is to lay down a few tiles in a transitional kitchen featuring honed white and gray marble countertops subway... 1/8 inch walls with carrerra marble-type porcelain tile floor you’re tiling with tiles... Test layout ones i used a grout that’s grey, and the other with a light gray on kitchen! Grout colour be a white, grey or anthracite grout colour and want use. Important to choose the perfect grout love “ Frost ” what is the brand really use light! When deciding on gray grout for joints that are narrowing, measuring under 1/8 inch arguably safest... You “ style it up ”!!!!!!!!!. Your home some inspiration just look at the end of the paint color around your fireplace s a. Bottom line where 1/8 white tiles with grey grout better to resist cracking in handily for me soon: ) without being.!